20+ Uno Wild Blank Card ideas

Well, you guys have been bored with the same uno wild card powers? and have some customizable wild blank cards? then you’re in right place. We have some amazing and unique special wild card ideas, a few of them were taken from the Reddit’s Uno page and a few of them were made by us. We have written 20+ customizable wild card ideas which are definitely going to pour some fun into your game.

List of Uno Wild Blank Card Ideas

Important Note
All cards are wild cards so, the player who will play these cards will have to decide the color to be played on.

Cosmic Crush – The next player has to discard all his cards back to the draw deck and then shuffle and then draw the same amount of cards.

Discard all Wildcards – Discard all wild cards from all the player’s hands in the game except you.

Devil’s Deal – Reverse, Skip then Draw 2 cards.

Example: When this card is played then the playing direction will be changed from left to right or right to left then the next player will be skipped and then the next player has to draw 2 cards.

Hare – Players with the least amount of cards in their hand have to skip their turn 2 times.

Tortoise – Players with a less amount of cards have to add cards to their hands until they have the same amount of number as the person with the most cards in the game.

Charity – Select two cards from your hand and give them to a targeted person.

Judgment – Target a person, if they have a particular color card in their hand, they must draw 2 cards, if they do not have the chosen color then nothing happens.

Targeted Draw 2 – Target a person and tell them to draw 2 cards from the draw pile but he doesn’t lose their turn.

Power of Grey Skull – Every player must draw 3 cards from the draw pile except the player who played the card.

Friendship – First choose any colored card from your hand and place it down in front of you without revealing it to anyone. Every other player picks a colored card from their hand that they think will match the color you picked and lays it face down in front of them. Once everyone is ready, you all reveal your cards, along with all the players who correctly match the color of your card get to immediately discard that card. If any of those cards are action cards then do not perform those actions. The player who didn’t match your color must put their card back in their hand then you get to pick the color that resumes play.

Circle of Life – Every player has to pass a card to the next player including the player who played this card.

Frozen Color – Pick a color that resumes play, only that color will be played. No player may change the color with a matching number or action wild card. Once it’s your turn again then play resumes like normal.

Locked Up Wild – When you play a locked-up card pick any other player and then two of you are locked into a battle. Each of you chooses one number card from your hand and you reveal them at the same time. The player with the lower number takes both cards into their hand. If it’s a tie then you each keep your card after the battle you get to pick the color that resumes play.

Reverse Action – If a player plays a +2 or +4 draw card on you and you played a “Reverse Action” card then the player who played +2 or +4 card on you has to draw the cards.

Protection – No power card will make the effect on you for a round and all the effects will pass to the next player and the player who played the card will choose the color to be played on.

Example: If you play this card, firstly you will have to pick a color to be played on, then if a player before you plays a draw +2, it will not make any effect on you, and the player who is sitting after you has to pick up 2 cards from the draw pile.

Draw Particular Color Card – The next player has to pick up the cards from the draw pile until he/she gets the particular color from the draw pile and the player has to lose their turn. Color will be selected by the player who throws the card.

Discard All Same Number – In this rule, the player who plays this card must discard all the same number cards.

Kryptonite – Player announces a particular color if the other players don’t have then they have to draw 3 cards from the discard pile.

Wild Draw 6 But Discard Card – Player announce a particular color and the next player must discard all the announced color card but they have to draw 6 cards afterward.

Example: Suppose you played “wild draw 6 but discard card” in this card you will announce a color suppose you announced blue color then the next player must discard all the blue color cards but they have to draw 6 cards from the draw deck.

Discard All Cards & Skip – In this rule, the player who has played this card must discard all the cards except one (instantly say “Uno” if they fail to say Uno before someone is caught then they have to draw 4 cards) and has to skip its 4 chances in a row.

Twice Skip – In this rule, the next 2 players will be skipped and the color will be chosen by the player who played that card.

Uno Blank Card Funny Ideas

  • Make a funny face until your next turn and the player who played the card will select the color to be played on.
  • Go on Facebook/Instagram Live and read the back of a shampoo bottle.
  • Call at 24 seven and ask if they’re open.
  • Call a friend and say loudly “Hallelujah!” then cut the call.
  • Stand up and say in front of everyone loudly, “Nooooo! I was adopted!”

Uno Blank Card Drinking Ideas

  • Drink bitter gourd juice
  • Drink ghost drink. (Ghost drink is basically a mix of all soft drinks and juices. You can do this with liquor)
  • Person has to drink small bottle of soft drink in one go.
  • Player has to take 3 shots of Vodka (Neat)

Check out: Uno drunk rule and drunk uno flip game. It’s amazing to have fun with friends at a party.

Final Words

So, we hope you liked our suggested Uno customizable wild cards ideas. Do try these different uno blank wild card ideas with your players and let us know which one you liked the most. We are excited to cover more articles related to the Uno game. We are waiting for your feedback in the comment section.

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