How To Play Uno Stacko – Official Rules

Hey folks, we are back with another party game “Uno Stacko” which is basically a mix of Uno and Jenga. In my opinion one of the best games out there in the market. You can play it with 2 to 10 players and since it’s a party game everyone can play depending on the number of players a match can last up to 15 minutes. Uno stacko uses plastic blocks instead of wooden blocks and are colored green, yellow, red, blue & purple.


  • 8 Blue Blocks
  • 8 Red Blocks
  • 8 Green Blocks
  • 8 Yellow Blocks
  • 4 Draw two Blocks
  • 4 Reverse Blocks
  • 4 Skip Blocks
  • 1 Wild Block

Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is basically to keep stacking the tower higher and higher until it falls. The last person who successfully placed the block is the winner.

Important Rules of Uno Stacko To Remember

  1. You can not pull a block from the top 3 rows.
  2. The most important rule of the game is only to use one hand to pull and stack on the blocks but you may switch hands during your turn though.
  3. Don’t hold towers with your fingers.
  4. You cannot draw an Action Block (reverse, skip, draw two or wild) when a draw 2 block is used. The player has to choose 2 normal blocks to stack up.

Now, let’s talk about the action blocks:

Function of Action Block

Draw Two Block

If this block is pulled the next player must pull out and stack two blocks of the same color as the pull draw 2 blocks. You cannot draw an Action Block (reverse, skip, draw two or wild) when a draw 2 block is used. The player has to choose 2 normal blocks to stack up.

Example: Let’s imagine one of the players use the yellow draw 2 block, in this case, the next player just needs to find 2 yellow blocks and stack them at the top of the tower

Reverse Block

If a reverse block is pulled play continues in the opposite direction until someone pulls out another reverse block. You can use an action block when a reverse block is pulled.

Example: A player draws a yellow reverse so the next player, in turn, must pull the yellow block of any number or wild block.

Skip Block

If a skip block is pulled the next player to go must skip their turn and the player after the skipped needs to draw a block that matches the color of pulled skip block or draw a wild block.

Wild Block

If a wild block is pulled the player who pulled it gets to choose any color and announce it to the other players. This can include maintaining the current color of the play.

Example: Player 1 pulled a wild block and stacked them on the top of the tower. Now, he announces that the next color should be green after that the next player, in turn, must match the color of the wild block that was announced which in this case its a green block. Players are allowed to use action block when a wild block is used

That’s all about the action block that you need to know.

How To Play Uno Stacko

  • The play initially goes in a cleansing clockwise or the left direction from the first player. You can select the first player randomly according to you.
  • The first player selects any block that he or she prefers and pulls it from the tower stacking it at the top of the tower.
  • The next player must draw a block of either the same color or the same number.
  • The person who makes the tower fall, the round is over and the winner is the last player who successfully pulled and restocked the last block without causing the tower fall.

Official Uno Rules PDF

Uno Stacko Game Play Video Tutorial

Final Words

Uno stacko is one of my favourite games and one of the favourite games in uno variation. I will definitely recommend you to play and have fun with your friends and family at the party. Do let us know in the comment section which game we should cover next and need your feedback for this post too.

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