Which One is Better Uno Flip or Uno?

Which One is Better Uno Flip or Uno?

Well, there is no comparison between Uno Flip! and classic Uno but this article is all about which one is better.

You might not know which one is better but we will tell you that Uno Flip is the best game. This is because it has a lot of different things that Uno does not have. Uno Flip! has a special deck of cards that has a dark side and a light side and some new action cards which makes the game more interesting. For more details about uno flip, you can find it on this link.

It is quite obvious we are playing classic Uno from childhood and when we get something old with a new twist what could be better than this that’s what Uno flip did. But wait wait…If you have normal Uno then you might have 4 customizable uno wild cards where you can make your own action cards. If you want ideas for blank Uno wild cards then you can refer to this article.

You might ask why would anyone want to play Uno Flip instead of Uno? We have an answer for you. It has lots of different features and we believe this makes Uno Flip! more exciting and fun than Uno. Uno Flip! is much more fun to play and we would recommend you get this one if you are thinking of getting Uno.

Uno Flip! Vs Uno

Details Uno Flip Uno
New Action Cards 5 new action cards 4 Blank Wild Cards
Which Uno is more interesting Obviously, Uno flip is more interesting Not much interesting as compare to Uno flip
Duration of a Game Play It can go up to an hour (depending on no. of players) 20-30 Minutes
No. of players 2-10 Players 2-10 Players
Price $8.35 $7.99

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