How To Play Original UNO | Official UNO Rules (PDF + Video Instructions)


  • 112 cards as follows:
  • 19 Blue cards – 0 to 9
  • 19 Green cards – 0 to 9
  • 19 Red cards – 0 to 9
  • 19 Yellow cards – 0 to 9
  • 8 Skip cards – 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 8 Reverse cards – 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 8 Draw 2 cards – 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw 4 cards
  • 4 Blank Cards (20+ Uno Wild Blank Card ideas)
  • Rulebook

What is UNO?

UNO is a house game that can be played with your family, friends, siblings and even your children. It is a dynamic game. There is no limitation on age but the minimum age is 7 years to play this game and this game can be played by 2-10 players. It is a simple yet interesting house game. UNO has 108 cards which include both numbers and dare cards.


The objective of the game is to be the first player to score 500 points. The objective of each round is to be the first person to play all the cards in your hand. Read the whole article and you will find this game very interesting.

Special Cards

UNO is interesting because of all the special cards which add spices to the game. There are total 5 types of special cards and more added like swap hands and shuffle hands. These cards can definitely help you in winning a game if played with some strategy. Let’s talk about all the cards in detail:


As the name says, it causes the next person to skip their chance. If you are playing in 2 then immediately it will be your chance again.  The symbol of a skip is a circle and a slanting line inside it. There are 8 skip cards- 2 each in Blue, Green, yellow and red. You can throw skip only on skip cards or similar colors. It is a great way to stop another person from going out with the cards.


This card reverses the order/direction of the game. If you are playing the game from left to right order then it changes the direction from right to left. You can use this card either on the reverse card or on matching colored face-up cards. The symbol of a Reverse card is two arrows going in opposite directions.

Draw 2 Cards

The symbol of this card is ‘+2’. When you use this card then the next player to play has to draw 2 more cards and also skip his turn. You can play this card either on the matching colored face-up cards or +2 cards.  This is such a powerful card. If this card is turned up at the beginning of the game then also the first player has to draw the cards.

Wild Card

It can be used on any card. It is a magic card as you can use it to change the color scheme of the game. Basically, When you play this card you can change the color (current running color) to any color. The wild card can be used even if the player has another playing card in his deck. This card can be used at any time and on any color, or number card.

If this card is turned up at the beginning of the game then the first player has the right to choose any color to begin this game with or you can put this back in the draw pile at the back or shuffle the deck.

Wild Draw 4 Cards

The brief of the cards is in its name only. This card is KING among all the other cards as it gives you dual benefits.  This card allows you to call out the color to be played next and also causes next player to draw four more cards. Like ‘+2’ draw rules, the next player has to skip his chance also. You can use this card on any number or color. But you can use this card only when you have no other cards to play (optional).

Swap Hands

The recently added card in the game of Uno. This is one of the most wanting cards in the whole game. If a player plays this card then he/she can swap his/her hands with anyone in the game and the player who played this card will choose the color to be played.

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The basic steps of playing UNO are to take turns with each player and use face-up cards or special cards. Let’s see the steps one by one –

  • Firstly distribute 7 cards to each player, take one card from the draw pile and placed it in the center of everyone. Also, you have to choose the first player randomly and then the game will continue clockwise, the left player will play the next.
  • At the beginning of the turn, the player can choose his card by matching the number or color from the center-placed card. If the card is matched then the game continues to the next player.
  • If it’s not matched then you can draw any of the special cards from your hand. It can be a Wild Card or Wild draw 4 card. We have already discussed it in the brief above.
  • If none of the cards matched (face cards or special cards) then the player has to pick the top card from the draw pile. If the drawn card cannot be played then the player has to pass their chance to the next player.
  • Also, don’t forget to throw special cards in between to make other players stop from winning and also for adding spice to the game.
  • The player who finishes their cards earlier, will automatically wins the match but to win the game you have to check the scoring points section.
Important Note
There is a rule of saying ‘UNO’ after playing the second last card. If the person has played his second last chance and someone caught him for not saying ‘UNO’ before another player plays his/her turn then he/she has to draw two cards officially but you can make it draw four cards from the draw pile.

If the other player takes their turn and no one caught the player for not saying UNO then there is no need to draw the cards from the draw pile. Saying ‘UNO’ or catching a player for not saying ‘UNO’ doesn’t mean that the Player has won the game. He still has to play his last card. It is possible that a person can say ‘UNO’ several times in a particular game.

Some Unofficial UNO Rules But Makes the Much Better

These rules are not recommended by Uno but you can use them to make the game better. Well, these rules are valid in Uno ultimate.

  • You can also save yourself from the ‘+2’ card by adding one more “+2” card on top of it if you have one. This trick will lead the other next person to draw a total of 4 cards. Also, This can continue for 1 whole round also.
  • We also play like, a player cannot put +2 on a +4 card but +4 can be put on +2 cards. You can try as many variants, which makes your game better.
  • In official rules of Uno, if a person doesn’t say Uno in his second last card he/she has to pick 2 cards from the draw pile but you can make it 4 instead of 2. Which adds more fun to the game
  • In original uno, you can end the game with a power card but to make the game more interesting and difficult you can add that player cannot end the game with any power card.
  • Stacking of cards is not allowed in official Uno but in uno ultimate it is allowed you can try out that version of uno.

Scoring Board Points

So, let’s talk about how to calculate the score and who will win the game and how. Basically, the player who gets rid of all of their cards won the game and all of their opponent’s points will be yours and the whoever reaches first 500 points will win the match.

Alternative Scoring & Winning

Another way to score points is to keep a running tally of the points each player is left with at the end of each round. When one player reaches 500 points, the player with the lowest points is the winner.

Here below we have listed the score points of each card and according to this, you can calculate the score.

All number cards (1-9) Face Value
Draw 2 20 Points
Reverse 20 Points
Skip 20 Points
Wild Draw 4 50 Points
Wild 50 Points

Official Uno Rules PDF

Uno Game Play Video Tutorial


How Many Cards in Uno?
A UNO deck consists of 108 cards, of which there are 76 Number cards, 24 Action cards and 8 Wild cards. UNO cards have four-color “suits”, which are red, yellow, blue and green.
Stacking the same number but different colors are allowed?
Multiple cards of the same number but different colors cannot be played at once but you can add this rule to your game.
Shuffle Hands Card Uno Rules
When the ‘Shuffle Hands’ card is played, the player who played the card must take everyone’s hand and shuffle them together. Then they distribute them evenly among all players.

Last Word

In this post, we have covered all the rules of uno whether it’s official or unofficial with video tutorials and pdf instructions. We have answered some of the highly and frequently asked questions. Do let us know in the comment section what we have missed, so we can add it to this post.


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