difference between uno flip express and uno flip

Uno Flip Express Vs Uno Flip

Well, I know many of you were finding this topic on google and you didn’t get any results you were finding it exactly. Now, don’t worry we have put all the necessary information which you guys want regarding Uno Flip! vs Uno Flip! Express.

Comparison Between Uno Flip Express and Uno Flip

Details Uno Flip Express Uno Flip
Number of Players 2-4 2-10
Number of Cards 56 112
Duration of a Game Play 15-20 Minutes It can go up to an hour
Minimum Age 7+ 7+
Price $2 (Acc. to India) $8.35

Which Uno Flip You Should Buy?

If you’re confused about which Uno flip version you should buy then you can buy Uno Flip. If you buy uno flip then you can play uno express as well, you just need to remove half of the cards. Uno flip can be played by many players at the same time but if you don’t have a budget and have very few friends or cousins then you can go with Uno Flip Express. So, you can try a short format and make your own decision should you get Uno flip or not.


    Uno Flip! Express


    Uno Flip!


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