Skip-Bo Roll & Write – Dice Game Rules

Minimum numbers of players: 2-4

Minimum Age: 7 and above


  • 5 Number Dice (six-sided)
  • 1 Bonus Die (ten-sided)
  • 4 Game Boards
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers
  • Instructions

The Objective of the Game

The object of the game is to earn the most points by completing build piles on your board.

Remember These Things
  • Give each player a game board and a marker.
  • The Youngest player goes first then the play proceeds clockwise.
  • You may only use one die per bubble so, set it aside once you have used it. unless it is the bonus die.

How to Play Skip-Bo Roll & Write

  • On your turn, you’ll do these 3 things: Roll the dice, Fill in build piles, Add one number to a stockpile.
  • When you roll the dice, roll all five dice and 1 green bonus dice.
  • Then call out the number rolled on the bonus dice.
  • Every other player may now use the bonus number to fill in one of their build piles if they choose and are able.
  • Build piles are in the center of your board marked by the letters A through D.
  • To fill in Build piles mark the bubble for the corresponding number rolled.
  • If you rolled a Skip-bo it is a wild and it may be used for any number.
  • You must fill in bubbles in numerical order starting with 1 and ending with 10.
  • You can add to any pile so long as you proceed in numerical sequence.
  • When you mark a bubble fill it in. If it is below a star, circle the star to show you have collected it.
  • If you use a skip-bo to fill in a bubble write an “S” in the bubble instead and cross off the star showing you did not collect it.
  • If you fill the bonus die in on any build pile, you get to immediately re-roll the bonus die.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can re-roll the bonus die and each time you roll the bonus die all the other players may add its number to any appropriate build piles on their boards.
  • The first player to fill in the bubble 10 on a build pile, circles the first place prize, and all the other players cross off the first place prize.
  • The next player to complete that build pile circles the second place and the third player circles the third player.
If multiple players complete a build pile simultaneously because of a bonus die then they all circle the prize
  • When you can’t fill in any more bubbles, all the players must choose one number or skip-bo from the active player’s unused dice and write it in any of the four vertical stockpiles in the bottom left of their board.
  • Numbers are always filled into the bottom-most empty space of any column and then work their way up.
  • If you fill in all four spaces of a stockpile you earn the skip-bo reward and circle it for future use
You do not have to fill in a stockpile before starting another one. Once all your stockpiles are full you skip this step.
  • During your turn in addition to your dice, you may use multiple numbers from any or all of your stockpiles to fill in your build piles by crossing them off.
  • You must use the topmost number in a column before you can use the number below it.
  • If you use a number in the middle of a stockpile, you’re still allowed to add numbers above it.
  • In the lower right of your board is free bonus items you can use on your turn.
  • Each player gets one free skip bo and three free re-rolls. When you use these bonuses cross them off.
  • When you use a re-roll, you may re-roll any or all of your dice and you may use multiple re-rolls in a single turn. However, every unused re-roll and skip-bo is worth one point at the end of the game
  • Once one player has completed at least three build piles then every other player gets one additional turn before the game ends.
  • During the final turns, all players are still allowed to use other players as a bonus dies to fill in circles.

How to Scoring Points in Skip-bo Roll & Write

  • Once the game ends all the players count up all their stars that are circled on their board and their bonus points from the free skip-bo and re-rolls.
  • You also receive one point for each stockpile skip-bo bonus that wasn’t used then the player with the most points wins

Skip-Bo Game Play Tutorial Video

My Opinion About This Game

If I’ll be honest I didn’t like this game. It has so many extra rules which made me confused. Well, currently it’s not available on the Online market but you can find it on target or offline shops. I would rate this game 2 out of 5. If you guys wanted to try out this game you can but I won’t recommend you to purchase or play it at a get-together party. I hope you guys liked this tutorial. Do let us know in the comment section which game rule you like to see here.

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