Master Of the Jungle

Master of the Jungle: Jankos’ Signature Player Style Explored

Jankos is, without a doubt, one of the best jungles currently competing in professional esports today. His name alone strikes fear into the hearts of rival teams, with this Polish player often taking the lead during online skirmishes.

What makes Jankos such a devastatingly efficient jungle? For starters, his play style is hard to pin down. He’s adept with many champions, with some of his go-to picks including Lee Sin, Elise, Camille, and Gragas. 

He deploys a slightly different approach with each, but his signature approach is aggressive and proactive in nature. He’s also known for drawing the first striking blow in games, which earned him the nickname “The First Blood King” during his tenure with H2k-Gaming. Looking to make waves the next time you play jungler? Read on for everything you need to know. 

Master Of the Jungle

Picking the Right Champions

If you want to replicate Jankos’ success, you might want to think about selecting one of his go-to picks. However, if you’re relatively new to League of Legends, it’s best to stick with a beginner-friendly champion. Junglers are often considered the wildcards of an LoL lineup. They’re arguably the most versatile champion in any given roster. However, the vast majority of jugglers fall into the tank or carry category. 

Olaf is an ideal choice if you’re thinking about a more aggressive play style. This fearsome champion is one of Jankos’ favorites. In the right hands, he can be a devastating addition to Summoner’s Rift, with his incredible healing abilities making it impossible to counter him. 

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Choose the Right Spells 

Summoner spells are another crucial part of performing well as a juggler. You’ll want Smite at your disposal if you want to keep your HP high and remain agile. You’ll also need this ability if you want to build certain items. If you’re not afraid of engaging the enemy and have picked an assassin-style champion, you’ll also want to pick the Ignite ability. Ultimately, your spell selection will depend on the champion you’re using. If you’re experimenting with a pretty broad champion pool, fine-tuning that spell selection process will take some time. 

Timing is Everything 

Although the jungle is a versatile addition to an LoL roster, different champions come into their own at different points. Some champions, like Lee Sin and Elise, are good to go from the off. This makes it ideal if you’re looking to kick things off with a more proactive play style. However, other champions require a little more time to scale up. 

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What’s more, don’t sweat it if you’re not chalking up a significant number of kills. Only a handful of jungle champions need kills to scale up. If you’re starting things off with a high-powered jungle, it’s tempting to be more aggressive. However, these kills and the subsequent gold will be much better utilized by your teammates. Ultimately, your best bet is to concentrate on assists. Want to see Jankos in action? You can find a full Jankos LoL player profile here. Alternatively, check out the latest LoL tournament schedule to see Jankos and the full Team Heretics lineup in action.

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