Betting Strategies to Use at Rich Palms

The Best Betting Strategies to Use at Rich Palms

Gambling entertainment in Australia has become a favorite hobby for many Australians. If previously it was only land-based casinos, today the online industry has gained recognition and love of Australian players. One of the most successful and popular online casinos is Rich Palms.

Playing your favorite table and card games in real time will give you unforgettable emotions, and a confident and strategically built game will increase your bankroll.

And here the question arises: what is the strategy to follow and what to pay attention to, so that all bets and games are winning? After all, throughout the history of online casino games, their emergence and development, thanks to the avid fans of these games, an incredible number of strategies have appeared.

Is there a perfect strategy, following which you can always win?

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Is it always possible to win?

Any experienced player will tell you that it is impossible to always win, and that is not the main goal when choosing a strategy. There are always chances to win and risks to lose. Therefore, strategies that are called “win-win” are better referred to as low-risk strategies. The main goal when playing a particular strategy is to make a profit in your starting pot.

When playing online casinos it is important to choose your favorite strategy and clearly follow its rules, and calculate in advance not only your winnings, but also the likely losses, to be prepared for all outcomes and take all the risks of the selected game. 

Meet Rich Palms, the best place to practice your strategies!

Betting Strategies to Use at Rich Palms

Online gaming at RichPalms Casino first became available in 2020. Alistar Solutions NV, the company responsible for creating the casino, has made it their mission to implement the most cutting-edge technological improvements and exciting new bonus offers available in the online gaming industry. New players are attracted to the casino’s reputation thanks to all of these factors. 

When determining the site’s legitimacy, keep in mind that the Curacao Gambling Authority, a respected regulatory organization among online gambling licensing authorities, awarded the casino’s legitimate license. Because the website employs end-to-end encryption with a key length of 128 bits, users have a great level of control over the secrecy of their information. As a result, their information will be safe from theft.

An important advantage of the casino is its bonus program. For example, new players at Rich Palms Casino have a great opportunity to increase their bankroll from the very beginning thanks to bonuses on the first three deposits. Deposit a minimum of AU$10 if you use Neosurf, or AU$25 if you use other deposit methods, and you will receive:

  • 250% dep. bonus + 100% cashback on your first deposit;
  • 275% dep. bonus + 100% cashback on your second deposit;
  • 300% slots bonus + 50% cashback on third deposit.

These generous bonuses will help you from the very start of your games at Rich Palms to increase your initial capital. You can also get Special Bonuses and Daily No Deposit Bonuses.

Top strategies for your game at Rich Palms

If you are having trouble with playing at an online casino, this chapter can help you discover a solution. What good is a strategy that hasn’t been meticulously chosen and tried out in practice if it’s supposed to bring you more winning games? A proper and successful plan might be hard to come up with in the absence of prior expertise. 

This is a challenge only for seasoned players who have started at the bottom and fought their way up to winning big pots. Experienced players and have come up with different strategies that they developed when they began their journey in online games. Fortunately, you may read about these techniques, pick up the right way to play right away, and eventually reach the level of an expert player. Below you’ll find a variety of widely-used strategies that have been used with success by more seasoned players.

Chicken strategy

Although it may sound funny to call this strategy that, it actually is quite effective, especially for novice slot gamers. Furthermore, this strategy combines extraordinarily well with other strategies. The player is not allowed to play the same slot machine game twice in the same session.

That is to say, you’ll need to choose the bankroll; let’s assume $600 for the sake of this illustration. You’ll also need to count the slot machines and settle on a total of 3. You divide your betting money equally among the available slots, which in this example is $200 for each one. If $200 is lost, you get to choose another game from the selection available on the website.

Zigzag strategy

This strategy favors players who pay close attention to their surroundings and take pleasure in evaluating the action on the field. The core of the strategy is a focused search for winning combinations on the reels while you play the slots. These permutations can take the form of “zigzags” in the form of the letter “V,” aligned diagonally, or a diamond. You’ll be able to come up with your own winning combos as you get experience playing the game.

D’Alamber’s tactic 

Since this strategy is more time-consuming than others, it is best used by players who are very dedicated and meticulous. This strategy, however, has been proven effective in the past. You start with a predetermined minimum bet, and after each loss you increase your wager by an amount that is itself equal to your predetermined minimum bet.

When you win, you have to start over from the beginning. In this game, the roles of winners and losers are constantly shifting. Because losses are always followed by profits at some point in time, your strategy will allow you to cover all of your losses.

Up the Ladder

To implement this tactic, you must first set a floor bet. You make a bet based on your own discretion and means. The increment by which you’ll raise it is likewise up to you. After that, you place a wager and, if you happen to win, you “move it up” by placing an even larger wager.

In the event that the wager fails, the stakes remain constant. Up the rung, therefore.

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Click and run

There are parallels between this tactic and the Unbridled tactic. According to this tactic, after a player reaches a predetermined number of losing spins, he or she switches to a different slot machine.

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