Enjoy Time When You Are Outside

How To Still Enjoy Time When You Are Outside?

With modern winter gloves, you can operate your cell phone most of the time. To use your smartphone even with winter gloves, you should make sure that they have a special function for them. So you will always be able to reach https://20bet.com/in/prematch.Therefore, in modern models, electricity-conducting materials such as silver yarn are usually sewn into the fingertips. If this function is important to you in your new winter glove, you should pay attention to it when buying.

Enjoy Time When You Are Outside

This is either marked in the description or with a touch symbol on the packaging.


Cycling in winter is just as environmentally friendly as in summer. With the right clothing, you’ll arrive warm and dry. Faster than walking, more sporty than taking the bus, and environmentally friendly to boot – only the bicycle offers that. At first glance, winter doesn’t seem to be the typical cycling season. But you can winterize your bike. Many things that make winter cycling comfortable and safe you probably already have at home anyway.

For cycling in winter, you need appropriate winter clothing. However, you should be careful with special functional clothing, as it often contains harmful PFC or non-degradable plastics that release microplastics when washed and worn.

If you regularly cycle long distances or need more functional clothing for winter for other reasons, support outdoor or winter sports brands with your purchase that pays attention to environmental protection and fair working conditions.

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Cold temperatures, wetness, and cutting wind prevent you from cycling in winter. You can get around these hurdles with the right gear. Rain pants, a waterproof jacket, and lined, waterproof shoes help against precipitation.

The principle of the onion look proves itself not only when cycling. Put several layers of clothing on top of each other, like the individual layers of an onion. On the one hand, the layers of fabric keep out the cold, and on the other hand, you can add or remove individual layers as needed.

In winter, your face and hands are usually the only uncovered parts of your body. Protect your skin from the cold: always wear gloves on the bike. Protect the sensitive skin of your face with a high scarf (you can also knit one yourself).

Modern winter accessories are best bought from fair and sustainable labels. Compared to conventional brands, you’ll be protecting the environment and supporting better conditions for the producers.

If you feel like a change in your winter wardrobe, swap accessories with friends or use second-hand stores and platforms. A homemade mouthguard will also keep the cold at bay. If the alternation of cold wind and dry heating air dries out your skin, care for it with natural home remedies for dry skin or certified natural cosmetics.

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Cycling in winter – with an insulating layer

The wind won’t stop you from cycling in winter if you insulate yourself with newspaper.

From cycling in winter, the wind will not keep you away if you insulate yourself with newspaper.  When the wind from riding pulls through your jacket, you need another layer of insulation.

Especially if you don’t ride your bike through the cold winter air every day, you don’t need special functional clothing for this: a simple newspaper works just as well. Just put a layer of newspaper under your shirt and tuck the shirt into your pants so that the newspaper doesn’t slip out.

Newspaper comes in handy when cycling in winter because it reliably shields you from the wind. When you’ve read it and no longer need it as an insulating layer, dispose of it properly in the paper trash so it can be recycled. By recycling paper, you are contributing to the sustainable management of forests and their wood resources.

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