14 Reasons to Play UNO (Card Game) in Your Next Gathering!

As you know there are so many card games available in the Market. There might be a question which came to your mind that ‘Why only UNO over all other card games?’. There should not always be a medical or a beneficial reason to play UNO. I definitely love to play Uno with my friends, cousins and Family. Once you start playing then there is no going back, it always feels that one more turn and one more turn :D.  If you don’t have UNO at your home then this is a sign to go get yourself a pack. You will get all the answers in this article. Let’s jump into this and see what we have –

14 Reasons to Play UNO in House Parties-

1. Hours and Hours of Entertainment- There are so many reasons and occasions to Organize a house party but we tend to postpone or discard the decision in the pressure of- if people find it boring or if we have nothing to do or even in confusion like what should we keep in games then the best solution is UNO. Everyone will enjoy this game be it teenagers, adults or oldies. You can play this game for hours and hours without getting bored as it is easy and spicy.

 2. UNO replaces unhealthy screen time- This game is the best alternative to reduce your screen time. In today’s generation, everything is digital be it our classes or entertainment and this is taking a toll on our eyes. Children also don’t like playing outside their house so here comes the UNO in rescue. It makes them to leave their phones and engage in some indoor activities.

3. It’s a fun game- Fun.. laughter.. twist.. It includes everything. You will not get bored while playing this game. No matter how many times you play, you will always find it interesting. This is also the best feature of this game. This game is used on different occasions just to make that party interesting. This game has that power.

4. Dynamic- This game is dynamic in nature as you can play it anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. There is no limitation while playing this game in terms of place, timing and also the people. You can make an endless combinations of players. And the cherry on top, it’s so economical and easy to carry. This is the game that can be purchased by teens also. Whether you have 30 minutes or 2 hours this game can keep you entertained.

5. Helps in developing instant responses- As this game can be played by kids also, It helps in promoting the growth of their sensory organs. You never know what the next player will play. So, This game lets you take quick decisions and in return can receive instant reactions. This is so helpful for kids. These types of situations that they will learn in-game will help them to survive better in real-life situations too.

6. Experience of healthy competition- This game let the kids experience healthy and light-hearted competition. It is a fun way to create competitiveness in a family. There is no big prize for the winner that’s why no one gets hurt at the end.

7. UNO develops bonding- Sometimes it gets difficult to talk with someone who is younger or older than you. We generally face a lot of differences due to age gap. You can use UNO to start a conversation or to spend quality time with them. This game is ideal for families who have major generations gap. It is very easy to play grandparents can even play this game with the younger generations and develop their bonding with them.

8. It’s quick & Easy- This game is quick from so many perspectives. An individual can learn this game very quickly. He doesn’t have to spend a lot of time learning this game, unlike chess. You can finish this game quickly whether you have 30 minutes or 5 hours you can play this game accordingly. For example- If you have only 30 minutes then you can share only 5 cards between the players and if you have 5 hours then you can divide 10 cards. Also, its easy to carry as you can take it on your trips, vacations, staycations, parties and even kitties there is no limits. It is easily available in the market.

9. UNO is for all ages- Yes you heard it right, UNO is for all ages be it a 4 year old child or a 75 year old man. Everyone can play this game. There is no restriction in age as it is an indoor and a card game. You can play this game sitting at your home. You don’t even have to make a setup or stand up to play this game. It is that feasible and yet entertaining.


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