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Is New Jersey Going To Become a Bigger Gambling State than Nevada?

For decades now, Nevada has held the title of being ‘the’ gambling hotspot in America. Las Vegas is world-renowned for being the gambling capital of the world, with its luxurious land-based casinos attracting millions of tourists every year. 

However, in more recent times, a newcomer has started to make its mark in the gambling world. That newcomer is New Jersey, and it is making waves in the world of gambling, both online and offline. Since legalizing online gambling, and being one of the first states to do so, New Jersey has set itself up to become one of the most popular places for gambling in America. 

While it is true that Las Vegas is still widely considered the leading stalwart in terms of casinos in the USA, New Jersey is fast outpacing the legend, and tourism numbers are reflecting this dramatically.  

Gambling State

Recent Changes in Laws

New Jersey has gained attention as a gambling hotspot primarily because it made significant changes to its laws on online gambling. For a long time, a lot of online casinos really struggled to find their footing in the American market. The majority of online casinos would operate outside of the US, and offer their services to the American market like that. However, many states started realizing how much profit there was to be made in this market, and decided to start adapting laws to allow companies to operate locally in their state.

Unlike states such as Nevada, New Jersey was one of the first states to start adapting their laws to allow online casinos to operate within their state. Since doing so in 2018, the growth of online casinos in NJ has been unstoppable.

This is great news for consumers as it means that they don’t have to entrust their money to offshore operators and has helped garner a lot more trust for the online gambling industry in general. Once other states saw the success of regulating the online casino market in New Jersey, they started to follow. New Jersey is considered one of the best states for online casinos. The state has strong customer protection policies and ensures transparency in casino operations and also sets high regulatory standards.

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New Jersey When Compared to Other States 

As we mentioned, New Jersey was one of the first states that moved to legalize online gambling in the US. However, even though a lot of states have started amending their gambling laws or at least considering making amends to their laws, the vast majority still outlaw online casinos. 

For instance, Nevada, an otherwise major gambling hotspot, still outlaws online gambling. Many have speculated that this has to do with the fact that the major land-based casinos see online casinos as a threat to their business and are likely lobbying to ensure that they stay illegal in the state for a good while. 

However, since New Jersey made the bold move to legalize and regulate the online gambling industry, other states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, and West Virginia have followed, legalizing online casinos within their borders.

Along with regulating the market, New Jersey also offers a lot of incentives to online casinos to open their businesses there. This is for two reasons mainly, to help stimulate the local economy, and also to help combat the many forms of illegal gambling that happen in the state. Essentially, the state feels that it’s better to have people gamble in regulated, legal online casinos or sports betting establishments, rather than illegal ones. 

Interesting Stats to Consider

New Jersey only has around 11 land-based casinos, but when compared to Nevada’s 404, there are actually a lot more benefits to gambling in New Jersey over Nevada. Firstly, the state taxes on your winnings are 3% lower in New Jersey, which makes quite a difference in how much you can pocket after playing. 

On top of that, gambling revenues in New Jersey have surged to over $6 billion since 2020, meaning the state is really closing in on Nevada fast. The major benefits of land-based casinos in New Jersey, specifically Atlantic City, is that they offer a lot more in terms of tourist attractions than Las Vegas does. 

New Jersey has a host of beautiful natural attractions, like:

  • the Delaware River 
  • the New Jersey Palisades
  • Hopatcong Lake
  • and Island Beach State Park

This means you can enjoy more on your trip there, rather than the endless desert and bright casino lights that Nevada has to offer.

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In general, New Jersey is quickly proving itself to be one of the most enterprising states in terms of online casino regulation. Atlantic City is widely being regarded as one of the next top places to place bets in land-based casinos, and with the recent surges in profits made from the industry, it’s clear that the market is set to grow in the region quite significantly in the next few years. So don’t miss out! Be sure to include New Jersey on your travel plans for that next gambling trip or simply log into a reputable online casino to start having fun immediately. You won’t be disappointed. 

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