Is UNO a Game of Luck or Skill (or Both)?

UNO is a well-known family game that is based on both luck and individual amount of skill. No individual can win this game all by luck, one needs to have some common sense and use a proper strategy.

I have been playing UNO for many years and heard players saying that ‘You won the game because of luck’ and from here the debate gets started. I will share my thoughts on this comment and let’s take a closer look.

If you have clicked on this page accidentally or if you are curious to know about this debate. Then, I am sure that you want to know ‘WHAT IS UNO?’ Let me summarize it for you-

UNO is a card game that is played by kids to old people. It is such a dynamic and has no age limitations. You can play this anywhere, everywhere and even at any time. It is so travel-friendly, economical and readily available. It is a card game which consists of 52 cards- some special cards and some faceup cards. Now, let’s come on to the main topic, Is UNO all about luck or skill?

Some says that card games are totally dependent on luck because if the cards are not good then one cannot win the game no matter what. We will talk about the 3 elements that makes people argue that it’s all about luck.

First, we will talk about step one of this game- distributing the cards between the players. You don’t have any control over the cards collected, it purely depends on the luck. Some might receive wonderful cards and some not. Another, what card you pick up from the leftover pile when you don’t have anything to play. The last one, You cannot save yourself from your side partner, it totally depends on the luck who is on the side and what cards he has.

The above-mentioned elements are purely based on luck and you can’t control anything from them. These elements play major roles in the game and that’s why people say that UNO totally depends on luck. If these things will not go in the right direction then one can never win the game.

On the other hand, there is always a higher chance of the person winning the game who has a variety of special cards.

Many people may disagree that winning an UNO game is not at all depends on luck.

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