Casino vs Horse Racing

Casino vs Horse Racing: Which One Is More Profitable?

There are few more popular betting opportunities online than playing casino games and betting on the latest horse racing action. Both sectors have experienced huge success with the growth of mobile betting, which often leads to the question, which is the most profitable when it comes to gaining good returns from the stakes that you are placing? 

Casino vs Horse Racing

Casino Profitability

Playing the latest casino games can be extremely profitable, but it will largely depend on the type of game that you are playing, and the knowledge that you have on the titles. The most straightforward to play are slots, and these can be extremely lucrative from a smaller stake, but only if you manage to hit the jackpot.

This is extremely unlikely, which means that the greater chance that bettors have of gaining substantial returns comes in the form of roulette and blackjack. Both titles also require from little skill or knowledge, but hitting the correct number on a game of roulette can see a bettor walk away with over $100 in seconds. Poker is also an extremely popular game online, but unlike the previously mentioned titles, it requires extensive knowledge in order to win the biggest prizes online.

For short-term gain, casino betting can be a good way to build your balance, as even slots can return average returns if you play with smaller stakes. However, long-term gains are likely to come in the form of playing poker. Therefore, if you are looking to make long-term gains betting on casino games, then you will need to start learning how to play poker, and finding out more about the different strategies that can help you achieve decent returns on your bets.

Horse Racing Profitability

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on online, as there is also action taking place somewhere in the world, and the majority of online sportsbooks will enable bets to be made. Unlike other sports, horse racing is only a sport that you can expect to gain decent returns from if you follow it throughout the season.

The form is important when it comes to making selections, and there is often decent returns to be made on a short-term basis after studying the form for one race in particular. However, for many, the opportunity to beat the bookie comes in the form of long-term betting, otherwise known as ante-post wagering. The vast majority of sportsbooks will enable bettors to make wagers on races up to a year in advance of the official declarations being made.

Therefore, bettors can closely study the potential runners from a later race from an early stage, and examine whether they could stand a leading chance at a huge Grade 1 further down the line.

The Kentucky Derby is a popular ante-post betting angle, as bettors can begin to weigh up the potential runners during their juvenile seasons, which concludes with the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile in November. You can check the best Breeders Cup horse racing betting strategy here.

Betting on the ante-post market will enable bettors to get a much better price for their selection than they could expect to find on the morning of the race in question.

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Which Is More Profitable?

It’s fair to say that both casino and horse racing bets can be profitable to the bettor, both in the short-term and long-term. However, casino games can be more profitable in the shorter-term, as bettors can win substantial amounts from lucky spins in seconds. 

However, when it comes to long-term winnings, it’s hard to overlook horse racing, as some ante-post wagers could return substantial amounts if the correct research is conducted before making selections. 

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