Online Casual Games As Good As UNO

5 Fun Online Casual Games As Good As UNO

UNO is an all-time favorite social game worldwide. It’s fun and original but still simple and easy-going. If you love UNO and are looking for similar online games you can play by yourself, you’re in luck. The online gaming world has plenty of simple, casual games that resemble UNO in their simplicity yet originality.

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Online Casual Games As Good As UNO

If you’re looking for some inspiration for games that are as good as UNO, you can take a look at these suggestions.

1. Sudoku

The first recommendation is another major classic. When you love UNO, you’ve probably also tried Suduko at some point. Did you know that you can play Sudoku online as well? It’s a game that’ll challenge the logical side of your brain a bit more than UNO. It’s a puzzle where you have to place and combine numbers in a certain order.

The essence of the game is to figure out which numbers fit in which boxes in order for the puzzle to be solved. If you’ve never tried it before, you can try some Sudokus that are pretty easy. But if you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to move on to harder and harder ones continuously.

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2. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is one of those iconic games that most people have tried at some point. It’s a simple online game you can play on your PC or smartphone. You can even find it on some esports platforms. Its name reveals the basics of the games. You’re shooting bubbles. The aim is to clear the playing field by forming groups of coloured bubbles to make them disappear.

You get points according to the number of bubbles in each group. The goal is to gain as many points as possible and eliminate all your bubbles. You can find the game in an arcade version with a time limit or a strategy version with a shot limit.

3. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is another game that might challenge your logical sense. It’s a puzzle game where you have to solve a puzzle on a board consisting of a grid of squares. You have to solve the system of the grid without clicking on any of the mines on the board. You lose the game if you click on a cell with a mine.

If not, there can be either a number or a flag in the opened cell. From here, you have to figure out your next move. It’s a game where you can develop your own strategy and become quite talented at this game as it is a game of skill. You win the game when you’ve opened all the cells not containing a mine. 

4. Wordfeud

If you love words, Wordfeud might be just the right game for you. It resembles Scrabble in many ways, so if you like or dislike that game, it’s probably a good indication of how you’ll feel about Wordfeud. There are some minor differences. The points are a bit different, and the board also looks different.

Like in Scrabble, you have an opponent, and both receive several letters from the start. Using these letters, you form various words on the board. The letters have various points, so you use points based on the combined points in your word. The point is to use all the letters and end up with the most points.

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5. Tetris

It’s impossible to make this list without including Tetris – one of the most popular and iconic casual puzzle games ever. The rules of Tetris are simple. You have to place blocks falling from above strategically. The blocks will fall one by one as you place them. You’ll build from the ground up, and at some point, you will reach the line to clear the level.

The blocks will fall at a continuously intensifying pace, making the game increasingly difficult. Several versions of Tetris have been released since its development in 1985, just as the simple ingeniousness of the game has inspired quite a few other games. So, if you’re looking for your next fun and simple game that you can easily play on your phone, Tetris might be just the thing. 

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