Short & Best Strategies to Win at UNO

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the card game UNO. It’s a classic for a reason – it’s addictive, easy to learn, and fun for all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. Every time you play this game with your friends and family, you feel like you should outstand in front of everyone by winning the game but you lack somewhere and you lose the game but now you don’t need to worry we are here with tips that will help you to win every time.

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Strategy to Win at UNO

1. Know the basics

The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards by matching them with either the color or number on the card in play. If you can’t match, you must draw a card from the deck and hope for the best.

2. Be strategic with your wild cards

Wild cards can be played at any time and can change the color of play to anything you want. Use them wisely to your advantage, but don’t overdo it or your opponents will catch on. A most important tip regarding the wild card: If you have a wild card then you must save it till last so, if the color or number doesn’t match with your card you can end the game with a wild card + normal card to change the color and boom you won the match.

3. Watch what other people are playing

Pay attention to the cards other players are laying down and try to predict what they might do next. This will help you make the best moves for your own hand. If you can see your opponent’s card or they show them mistakenly then you can play very smartly and win the game. I know many of you will not support this but it’s a fun and family-friendly game so a little bit cheat is o. Hahaha!!! 😜

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Sometimes the best way to win is to go for it and hope for the best. If you’re feeling lucky, try to make some daring plays that could pay off big time.

5. Have fun and enjoy the game

UNO is meant to be enjoyed by all, so make sure you’re playing to win but also to have a good time. It’s a game, winning and losing keep going as it’s a part of the game. These tips will help you do both!

Final verdicts

Now we have made you a pro player in UNO right? Well, it’s a family game and it is not possible that you will win every time as this is a game of luck and skill both. You can use our tips and strategy to increase your chance to win this game more often. Let’s wrap up this post and as usual, do let us know which topic we should cover next?

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