Get Started in Destiny 2

How To Get Started in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 recently celebrated its 6th anniversary – a lot has changed over the years as the game went through many expansions and seasons of content, updated with new mechanics, and it’s pretty easy to get lost and confused if you are a new player or even a returning after a long break.

Get Started in Destiny 2

Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to, being a New Light Guardian making his way through the galaxy.

Powerleveling and Experience

Your character’s Power level is the most essential element of progression – it determines how well you can tank the incoming damage and how much damage you can deal to your enemies. If your power level is too low, the enemies will easily one-shot you with their attacks.

You gain more Power Level rating from gear and the Seasonal Artifact, which provides a borrowed power bonus. There are specific caps of Power you can reach:

  • The Soft Cap of 1750 Power
  • The Hard Cap of 1800 Power
  • The Pinnacle Cap of 1810 Power

It is possible to make a quick jump right on the doorstep of the Hard Cap by completing the Lightfall Campaign on Legend difficulty and collecting a full set of 1770 Gear, but this is not an easy task and requires, at the very least, some good weapons, and skill level.

Yours truly nearly had a mental breakdown during the fight with the final boss of the campaign, and being a seasoned Guardian, that speaks volumes.

If you want to rise in power fast, it would be best to team up with fellow Guardians who can have your back or simply powerlevel with the Destiny 2 boosting services.

To better understand and optimize the process of gearing, I recommend using community instruments such as Destiny Optimizer or Destiny Recipes.

Targeting specific content in the correct order of getting gear upgrades instead of blindly doing all the activities, potentially wasting some items, and delaying yourself from reaching the level cap is helpful.

Experience is equally important to quickly unlock seasonal artifact mods and improve the power level bonus. There are a few tips to maximize your XP gains:

  • Always equip the 12% XP Bonus Mod on your Ghost Shell
  • Get the Fireteam XP Boost before you turn in your bounties and seasonal challenges.

To get the latter, you should connect to the Guardian with the max XP bonus, activated on Rank 86 of the Season Pass, get on their destination, and finally go through your bounties and claim rewards from the challenges.

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Understanding the Classes

Understanding the Classes

It is well worth taking your time and playing around with different classes – check out what they bring to the table, and find the playstyle that suits your best (or who’s got the best fashion choices). Yours truly, as you might have guessed, prefers to punch stuff.

Once you’ve picked up the class, focus on that one character first, and it will be much easier to gear up your alts when your main is maxed out. Unlock subclasses and fragments, try different abilities, and read a guide or two from experienced players.

Building the Arsenal

Building the Arsenal

Now, the core element of any shooter game is weapons! And, boy, there are plenty in Destiny 2. If you don’t know where to start, let the statistics do the talking – Destiny Tracker is a reliable source to check what weapons are used the most in the current state of the game, both in PvP and PvE activities.

Additionally, you can check user ratings and reviews on portal. To navigate through the collection you’ve gathered up to the point, you should use the DIM inventory manager.

Exotic Weapons

Exotic Weapons

Getting the most powerful weapons in the game will depend either on luck or the completion of specific tasks; some will take hours, and others may take days and send you through some challenging activities, including raids and dungeons.

Trying to get Raid Exotics will require you to join forces with a group of 5 more Guardians and beat some of the most challenging enemies in the game.

And remember to visit Xur during the weekend to check what’s in store – he always brings a weapon and some exotic armor pieces for each class.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor

Make sure to pick up and complete the New Light intro quests from Ikora in the Tower – these are very straightforward and intended to meet you with certain class mechanics and abilities. These quests reward you with very good pieces of Exotic Class Armor.

Once you reach a high enough Power Level, you can attempt to complete Solo Lost Sectors on Legend difficulty to get the best Exotic Gear for your class.

Armor and Stats

Armor and Stats

You can use the Ghost Mods to your advantage and focus on your class’s most important armor stats.

For the Titan, I want my armor to drop with high Resilience, so I equip the mod that guarantees a certain amount of stat and has an increased chance to drop the armor with a high stat of my choice. Armor stats are divided into two hidden categories:

  • Mobility, Resilience, Recovery
  • Discipline, Intellect, Strength

If you wish to try and get the build with multiple 100 stats, know that Intellect and Strength are not quite important in the current sandbox.

The only stat worth maxing out with the mod in the second category is Discipline, leaving the rest of the stats to distribute in the first category of main stats.

Weapon Crafting

Weapon Crafting

The addition of the crafting mechanic allows Guardians to make their own God Rolls of the weapons with the perfect traits that suit your playstyle and needs for PvE or PvP.

Players must learn the pattern by extracting it from multiple copies of weapons marked with the Red Border to make the weapon craftable.

It may take 3 to 5 extractions to unlock the craft, and then you will have to level up your weapon to unlock new perks, including Enhanced versions with improved stats,

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LFG and Group Content

LFG and Group Content

Destiny 2 is an MMO game, and the multiplayer aspect is crucial to achieving results and exploring the Endgame.

While there are many things to do for a solo player, you will find even more to do with the fireteam of fellow players – learn the raids and dungeons, complete challenging tasks, play competitive PvP modes, and all kinds of other activities with likeminded people.

While Bungie is yet to introduce the in-game Fireteam Finder in Season 23 later this year, you can use the LFG Discord channels and Bungie Fireteam Finder to join the group or make your own and invite others. It’s time to explore new horizons!

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