CBD Vaping

Health Benefits and Perks of CBD Vaping

Vaping is on the rise; this alternative to smoking has taken the global community by storm due to the convenience and discreetness of this practice.

Avid smokers don’t need to find a place to smoke a cigarette where the stinky smoke will not bother anyone; they don’t have to carry packs of cigarettes and lighters with them. Only a tiny, elegantly looking vaping device is needed to deliver the full spectrum of smoking pleasure. 

Provided that vaping is so easy, affordable, and convenient, the number of vapers is growing daily. The CBD user population also doesn’t lag, as CBD vaping liquids are also gaining popularity. They come in customizable CBD concentrations, offer great bioavailability, and are very easy to use on the go. 

So, is CBD vaping a panacea for all user needs? Is it better than other CBD consumption alternatives? What safety precautions should you observe to ensure a hassle-free CBD vaping experience for yourself? Here is a detailed guide with everything you should know about this mode of CBD use. You can also find more in-depth vaping tips and vaping device choice guidelines at https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-disposable-vape

CBD Vaping

Benefits of CBD Vaping for Users 

CBD is a weed extract with clinically proven health advantages. Here’s how it can help you become healthier: 

  • Stress and anxiety relief. CBD can affect the activity of serotonin receptors in the human brain, so it regulates fears and can hinder behaviors induced by stress and anxiety. Given these clinical findings, people with generalized anxiety disorders, social anxiety, PTSD, and other anxiety-related conditions try CBD as a herbal, non-addictive remedy for their discomfort. 
  • Insomnia management. CBD can calm your nerves and sedate you if consumed in high doses. Small CBD dosage usually acts as an energizing remedy, so you should plan the dosing accordingly to avoid invigoration before bedtime. 
  • Alertness improvements. Alertness, focus, energy, and creativity are enhanced with CBD consumed in small doses. So, if you need a proper remedy to start your day on the right foot, a shot of CBD with a vaping device can add colors to your morning routine. 
  • Pain relief. Millions of people worldwide live with chronic pain, so it’s vital to give them a chance to relieve this condition with non-addictive, non-toxic means. CBD is the right option for those dealing with pain daily, as it’s non-psychoactive and fully safe. It can numb the pain and help patients unwind.  
  • Anti-oxidative and neuroprotective properties. CBD is a popular antioxidant, so it’s often used in skincare and helps to mitigate the unpleasant consequences of modern urban life. It’s also recommended as a precaution against heart disease, cancer, and other health conditions caused by oxidative stress.  

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Vaping Benefits

Use Guidelines and Precautions 

The first point to consider when starting your acquaintance with CBD vaping is the type of CBD you want to inhale. There are three options: 

  • Full-spectrum CBD. This is the richest form of CBD oil that contains all cannabidiols, terpenes, and a legal minimum of up to 0.3% THC. The concerted effect of all weed components ensures a famous “entourage” effect that lifts the user’s mood and boosts their energy levels. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. This form of CBD oil is free from THC but still comes with a broad range of terpenes and cannabidiols present in the weed plant. Broad-spectrum CBD is a better option for users who drive a vehicle or work in socially responsible jobs. There is no risk of getting a positive THC test, but you still receive the full health value of the weed extract. 
  • CBD isolate. This CBD type is the purest of all three, as it contains nothing but CBD. It suits people who want a predictable health effect from CBD and are suspicious about the cannabinoid and terpene interactions.  

Next, your task is to settle on the optimal dose for your daily management of health needs. The rule of thumb is to start with around 10mg CBD per day, which is one-third of a 1 ml juice tank. Then you can increase the dosage if you feel okay and want to get a more pronounced effect of CBD. Another sure variant to avoid overdosing is not to exceed 1mg CBD per 1kg of your body mass. Thus, if you weigh 70kg, your daily CBD use shouldn’t exceed 70mg. 

As for precautions, this is what you should keep in mind when deciding on CBD vaping: 

  • Vitamin E acetate, a common additive to CBD e-liquids, is allergic and toxic. So, you should check your liquid’s composition for this ingredient. 
  • Vaping is strongly not recommended for young people, teenagers, and pregnant women. 
  • If you prefer CBD vaping as a mode of regular CBD use, it’s better to choose THC-free products to avoid addiction or permanent intoxication. 

With these risk factors in mind, you will surely approach the CBD vaping routine much more prepared. 

CBD Vaping Q&A 

It’s okay to have many questions about CBD vaping, as this technology is relatively new. Thus, there’s much ambiguity about whether it’s really useful for health or whether it comes with health risks that have not yet been properly assessed. Here are some most frequently asked questions about CBD vaping that you might also ask yourself. 

Does CBD Vaping Have Health Benefits? 

Since the number of studies on the health benefits of CBD continues to grow, it’s logical to suggest that CBD vaping is a good way to go. CBD alone addresses anxiety, stress, low mood, insomnia, and pain. Thus, you can choose vaping as your individually suitable form of CBD consumption. Yet, it’s vital to track the side effects and overdosing symptoms, as vaping is not for everyone. Some people are allergic to the components of CBD liquid, and if you notice these signs, it’s better to choose another CBD consumption variant. 

What if I Vape CBD Every Day? 

Vaping is generally fine for everyday CBD use; you may tailor the CBD juice dose in your vaping device to meet your daily CBD needs and deliver as much CBD as you need to address your health condition. However, make sure to calculate the dosage precisely and not overuse CBD; the general recommendation of a maximum daily dose is 70mg CBD. If you vape more, you run into the risk of experiencing unpleasant side effects. 

Will My Lungs Get Damaged by CBD Vaping? 

Overall, both smoking and vaping are pretty hazardous for health, as they involve the inhalation of dangerous compounds right into your lungs. Both CBD vaping juices and nicotine vaping liquids contain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are synthetic ingredients not recommended for inhalation. Yet, with cautious and reasonable use of CBD vaping devices to get a minimum recommended dose of CBD for anxiety and stress relief, you may avoid substantial lung damage that you may otherwise incur if you vape too much or use cheap, synthetic e-liquids. 

Is Smoking Worse than Vaping? 

When it comes to smoking, the damage is higher for your lungs, as the burnt tobacco or weed flower produce carcinogens and tar. These compounds are extremely hazardous for the lungs, as they cover the alveoli with a sticky covering that prevents oxygen absorption. In the long run, smokers experience worse oxygenation of their organisms, which may cause irreparable damage to numerous organ systems. 

Vaping resolves this problem, as VG and PG do not contaminate the lungs that much. Besides, the level of CBD absorption through vaping is higher than with smoking. However, you should always remember that there’s no substantial clinical research on CBD vaping, and CDC generally cautions against CBD use via vaping because of the lack of clinical data on the long-term effects of vaping on the human organism. 

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What Are the Potential Side Effects of CBD Vaping? 

Just like with vaping nicotine-containing products, CBD vaping juice can cause allergy or lung damage. The overdosing symptoms associated with vaping too much CBD include nausea and vomiting; some users also develop dizziness and diarrhea. You may feel stomachache as well. If you notice any of these sensations during a vaping session or right after it, it’s recommended to discontinue vaping and consult a medical professional. 

This article was written by Denys Svirepchuk, an experienced cannabis researcher and brand advocate at AskGrowers. Denys keeps his hand on the pulse of the cannabis industry to share safety tips and dosing recommendations with consumers, thus ensuring users are satisfied and enjoy the CBD benefits to the fullest degree. 

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