phase 10 drinking rules

Drunk Phase 10 Rules

You guys are finding phase 10 drinking rules and you didn’t find them anywhere? Don’t worry in this post, we have written drunk phase 10 rules in detail so you don’t need to go somewhere else. These particular rules are made by Anant Mundhra.

Things You Need to Play This Game

  • Deck of Phase 10 cards
  • Your favourite Drink
  • Shot glasses
  • Snacks (Optional)

Objective of the Game

The first player who completes all 10 phases is the winner. Sometimes several players complete the 10th phase in the same turn and there will be a tie. To find the winner in the case the player having the lowest total score is declared the winner.

Phases of Phase 10

The following phase 10 phases are:

  • 2 sets of 3
  • 1 set of 3 + 1 run of 4
  • 1 set of 4 + 1 run of 4
  • 1 run of 7
  • 1 run of 8
  • 1 run of 9
  • 2 sets of 4
  • 7 cards of 1 color
  • 1 set of 5 + 1 set of 2
  • 1 set of 5 + 1 set of 3

What is set?

Set is defined as 2 or more cards with the same number. Sets can include numbers from any color.

What is run?

A run is defined as four or more number cards that are sequential. Wild cards can be used to complete runs.

Special Drunk Phase 10 Rules

How To Play Drunk Phase 10

Deal ten cards to each player. Place the rest of the deck face down in the middle of the players, then flip over the top card to start a discard pile.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game by drawing a card from either the deck or the discard pile, then discarding a card. Play passes clockwise around the table. On your turn, you must do the same things: draw a card and discard one. If you choose to draw, you can either draw from the face-down deck or take the top card from the discard pile. You can look at the cards in your hand, but keep them safe so that the other players can’t see what you have.

Once you’ve drawn a card, you must discard one and this is how you need to make the set so, you can win the phase. You can’t just keep all ten cards in your hand – that’s not how you win the game! When a player completes 1st phase then he/she can get rid of all the cards in his/her hand and then the game will be stopped, then again dealer distributes the 10 cards to each player and those who have not cleared 1st phase can’t go to 2nd phase. There are ten different phases in the game, and each one is harder to complete than the last. This game is only completed when a player who cleared all the 10 phases.

The first player to go out wins the game! But be careful – if you don’t complete your phase, you have to add cards to your hand back up to ten. The other players will be able to see what phase you’re on, so they’ll know how close you are to going out. That’s the basics of how to play Phase 10! Now get out there and have fun!

Phase 10 – Scoring & Points

When a player has played down their phase and discarded the last card in their hand, the round is over. And then points will be calculated. The player who finishes all the 10 phases first and scored the least points will win the game.

Cards Value
1-9 5 Points
10-12 10 Points
Skip 15 Points
Wild 25 Points

My Opinion

Phase 10 is a long-running game and while playing everybody needs something to eat and drink and that’s obvious because eating while playing gives more satisfaction and fun 😜. That’s where you can play drunk phase 10, if your surroundings are cozy and having your favorites with you and you don’t want to sleep the whole night then drunk phase 10 is the right game for you to play because the drinking part adds more fun and phase 10 run so long, it fulfills all the needs that you need in a get-to-gather or any party.

If you have phase 10 cards with you then I would suggest you try out drunk phase 10. Well, the only drawback I feel for this game is you cannot play this game any time as this game runs so long, to play this game you need proper time because of the I would not recommend anyone to buy this game and I would rate this game 5.5 out of 10. I hope you liked these game rules and do let us know in the comment section which game we should cover next.

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