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101+ Unique Gartic Phone Game Ideas

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Gartic Phone game ideas. In case you aren’t familiar with this game, it’s a simple game that involves guessing the meaning of words and phrases drawn by the players.

What is Gartic Phone?

Gartic Phone is a fun game that lets you play a game of guessing words that are based on the things you sketch. In the game, you’ll be asked to write a sentence or words, and then you have to draw the sentence that you get from another player afterward, you have to guess the drawing which is drawn by another player. This game goes on until everybody completes all the steps. If you’re right, you’ll get a point. If you’re wrong, you’ll lose a point. Well, the scoring system is optional you can turn it off. As it will not be easy to guess the drawings.

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  • Minimum 4 players are required to play.
  •  Internet
  • Pc/laptop
  • Any app that allows you to connect with the players through voice.

How to Play Gartic Phone Game?

  1. Go to
  2. Then put your preferred name and press the start button.
  3. Afterward, invite your friends and tell them to join the discord group or zoom call.
  4. Select your preferred preset.
  5. Now, time to write. Each player must write a quirky sentence that can be drawn easily.
  6. Then, you have to draw the sentence which you have received from the other players.
  7. Now the next step is for you to guess the drawing that the other player has made.
  8. Watch the hilarious result of the game at the end.

101+ Unique Gartic Phone Game Ideas

You can replace words like “Boy, Girl, Man, Game, _____” with any of your friends’ names or your preferred names from the ideas to have more fun.

You can use some inside jokes if you’re playing with your friends. You can write phrases that happened in your group with your friends. These are some ideas which help you to make some sentences with some inside jokes or you can modify them according to you.

Gartic Phone Prompt Ideas

  1. Superman vs Batman
  2. Knives pointing at the cat
  3. Elephant at a grocery store
  4. Bear climbing tree
  5. A lemon with teeth
  6. ______ (Game) is bleh!
  7. Rabbit and tortoise fighting
  8. Finding Nemo
  9. Surfing on the beach
  10. Donkey went McDonald
  11. Pikachu started gyming
  12. Nobita gets full marks
  13. Throwing bottle out of the window
  14. Pacman loves toast
  15. Dog dancing at disc
  16. The Eiffel tower at my house
  17. Monkey riding a gator.
  18. A boy driving tesla.
  19. A man alone on Island.
  20. The ice cream was melting
  21. Buffalo bathing in the lake.
  22. Snake with 3 heads.
  23. _______ (any name) shaving his head.
  24. Buying products from Amazon.
  25. Man eating mustard sauce.
  26. Attack on a castle.
  27. Throwing fan in the garbage.
  28. Baby shipped in a box.

Gartic Phone Story Ideas

  1. I m not scared of a spider.
  2. A boy watching cricket in tears.
  3. A man click-baiting a fish.
  4. A boy is getting confused by a rabbit.
  5. ______’s (any name) burp smells of broccoli.
  6. Shizuka cheated nobita.
  7. Wizard sees the value of his stock going down.
  8. A cat in space having a good time.
  9. A king that just slipped on a banana peel.
  10. Mario washed his money in the washing machine.
  11. 4 friends playing charlie charlie pencil game.
  12. Uber driver asked to cancel the ride.
  13. Santa giving me an amazon gift card.
  14. A man asking for help on an empty island.
  15. A man got killed by a car.
  16. Mickey mouse went on a walk with his dog pluto.
  17. Doing barbeque on new year’s eve.
  18. Watching a movie in the theater alone.
  19. A robber got caught by police.
  20. Dod riding on a rocket to the moon.
  21. A car jumped from the bridge and went into the sea.
  22. Two couples watching the sunset at the beach.
  23. Vampire eating from KFC.
  24. Smashing waffle on the face of ________ (any name).
  25. Children are not starving in Africa.
  26. Spongebob getting abducted by aliens.
  27. Two frogs having tea under the mushroom.
  28. Turtle eating cheese underwater.
  29. Crowd viewing the Mona Lisa painting at a museum.

Funny Gartic Phone Ideas

  1. Tiger with the face of a horse
  2. A man with wings
  3. Cat with a human mustache
  4. Ronaldo playing cricket
  5. Dancing cockroaches
  6. Playing cricket with badminton
  7. A mouse riding a cat
  8. Hippopotamus running on a treadmill.
  9. Apple uses a banana named brand phone.
  10. My best friend is my son.
  11. ______(Any name) picking garbage from dump yard.
  12. Cat peeing side of the litter box.
  13. Dinasour leaving for school.
  14. _______ (any name) putting hotdog where they don’t belong.
  15. A cowboy riding camel.
  16. There is lots of water in the desert.
  17. On his son’s birthday father took him to the pharmacy.
  18. A tiny man fights with a big pig.
  19. An earthworm sleeping on the bed.
  20. Skeleton doing a party.

Dirty Gartic Phone Ideas

  1. ______ (any name) fingering his bum.
  2. ______ (any name) putting tampon in ______ (any name).
  3. ______ (any name) kissed ______ (any name) on the bum.
  4. ______ (any name) putting grapes in his a*s.
  5. ______ (any name) wets the bed.
  6. ______ (any name) poll dance for some rupees.
  7. ______ (any name) twerking on ice.
  8. ______ (any name) spitting into _____’s mouth.
  9. ______ (any name) is thirsty for c*ck (double meaning).
  10. ______ (any name) loves getting his ear sucked.
  11. Kissing with the mask on.
  12. Ghost kissing a pumpkin.
  13. Dorami making out with Sunio.
  14. My c*ck is blushing.
  15. A boy smelling a girl’s armpit.
  16. A boy shaving his pubic hair.
  17. Hentai.
  18. A boy watching p*rn on a computer.
  19. _______(Any name) rides on d*ck to victory.
  20. _______ (any name) watching ________ (any name) pooping.
  21. Getting a massage in Thailand’s spa.
  22. A girl licking her feet.
  23. _______’s (any name) home is brothel.
  24. A boy shooting p*rn video.
  25. Burj khalifa and my d*ck size are the same.


What age is Gartic Phone for?
Gartic phone can be played by any age of people but recommended minimum age is 12.
Is Gartic Phone a drawing game?
Yes, gartic phone is a drawing and guessing game.
Are Gartic Phone and game same?
Gartic phone and are not exactly the same game but they are similar to each other.

Question: Can you play gartic phone with 2 players?

Answer: No, you cannot play gartic phone with 2 players. Minimum 4 players are required and in two players there gonna be no fun.

All in All

We just wanted to say that we took so many days to write this post because we have written unique sentences, not like others, copied from websites and their phrases are not even making any sense. We hope you have got some ideas to write in-game while playing with your friends. We did a lot of research to find funny, prompt, dirty and story phrases for the game. Don’t forget to give feedback in the comment section so we can improve our post or we can add missing queries.

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